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CHEMICAL SYMBOLS Chemical symbols are abbreviations for names of elements. These consist of one or two letters; the first letter is always capitalized, and the second letter is never capitalized. Single letter chemical symbols are always capitalized. Some symbols are derived from English names: Al from aluminum; Ca from calcium; N from nitrogen; Cl from chlorine. Some symbols are derived from foreign names: Fe from ferrum (Latin for iron); Sn from stannum (Latin for tin); Na from natrium (Latin for sodium); K from kalium (Latin for potassium); W from wolfram (German for tungsten). STUDENTS SHOULD MEMORIZE THE SYMBOLS FOR THE FOLLOWING ELEMENTS AND IONS: Symbol Element Symbol Element Symbol Element Al Aluminum Kr Krypton Sn Tin Ar Argon Pb Lead Ti Titanium As Arsenic Li Lithium V Vanadium Ba Barium Mg Magnesium Xe Xenon Bi Bismuth Mn Manganese Zn Zinc B Boron Hg Mercury Be Beryllium
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Unformatted text preview: Br Bromine Ne Neon Sb Antimony Ca Calcium Ni Nickel C Carbon N Nitrogen Cs Cesium O Oxygen Cl Chlorine P Phosphorus Cr Chromium Pt Platinum Co Cobalt K Potassium Cu Copper Rb Rubidium F Fluorine Sc Scandium Au Gold Si Silicon He Helium Ag Silver H Hydrogen Na Sodium I Iodine Sr Strontium Fe Iron S Sulfur Polyatomic Ion Name Polyatomic Ion Name NH 4 + Ammonium CO 3-2 Carbonate SO 4-2 Sulfate C 2 H 3 O 2-Acetate SO 3-2 Sulfite OH-Hydroxide NO 3-Nitrate PO 4-3 Phosphate NO 2-Nitrite HCO 3-Bicarbonate (or hydrogen carbonate) ClO-Hypochlorite HSO 4-2 Bisulfate (or hydrogen sulfate) ClO 2-Chlorite HSO 3-2 Bisulfite (or hydrogen sulfite) ClO 3-Chlorate H 3 O + Hydronium ClO 4-Perchlorate CN-Cyanide CrO 4-2 Chromate MnO 4-Permanganate Cr 2 O 7-2 Dichromate C 2 O 4-2 Oxalate...
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