Bio 305 Midterm Summary

Bio 305 Midterm Summary - Comments Phyla Porifera Classes...

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Comments Symmetry Reproduction Body Plans Shell Phyla Porifera Asymm, some radial Asexual and sexual Ascenoid, Syconoid, Leuconoid No Classes Demospongiae 90% Hexactinellida Calcarea Sphinctozoa only 1 extant species Sclerospongiae Archaeocyatha extinct Stomatoporidea extinct Phyla Placozoa no nerves, muscles, or sensory cells Asymm Asexual No Class Trichoplax adhaerens Phyla Cnidaria Min skelteton of chiton or CaCO3 Radial Asexual or sexual Polyp and Medusa stages No Class Hydrozoa Most are colonial Medusa and Polyp forms (Polyp dominates) Scyphozoa True jellyfish Medusa dominant (Polyp as sm post larvae) Cubozoa sea wasps or box jellyfish, short tenticles Tetra-radial Anthozoa Conlonial and Solitar forms,Coral symbiosis Asexual and sexual Polyp only Phyla Ctenophora Comb jellyfish, many are bioluminescent Bilateral No Phyla Mollusca Bilateral Sexual Yes Class Polyplacophora Chitons 8 plates, Girdle Yes Aplacophora w/out shells, no tentacles Soft bodied, numerous spinesscales No Monoplacophora w/ 1 shell (limpet like), serial repition of organs Yes Scaphopoda w/ tubular shape, tusk shells Gastropoda snails, linprets, nudibranchs Yes - coiled Bivalia
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  • Spring '08
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  • Cnidaria, Marine Triploblastic Marine, Phyla Ctenophora Phyla, Phyla Sipuncula Phyla, Polyplacophora Aplacophora Monoplacophora Scaphopoda Gastropoda Bivalia Cephalopoda Phyla Annelida Class Polychaeta Oligochaeta Hirudinea Branchiobdellidae, Phyla Placozoa Class

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Bio 305 Midterm Summary - Comments Phyla Porifera Classes...

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