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Michael Henry Jr. Microsoft PowerPoint 2016, Module 2, Terminology Table Complete the Microsoft PowerPoint 2016, Module 2, Terminology Table within this Word document utilizing pages PPT 66 – PPT 94 of your text and submit within thedesignated Drop Box.I suggest to copy the definitions and sometimes some examples for better clarification. One Point for each Term defined:_______ /19 Points Possible Brightness (PPT 66) Determines the overall lightness or darkness of the entire image Contrast (PPT 66) The difference between the darkest and lightest areas of the image Style (PPT 67) A named group of formatting characteristics. Fill (PPT 83) The background is considered fill, which is the content that makes up the interior of the shape, line or character Solid Fill (PPT 84) One color used throughout the entire slide Gradient Fill (PPT 84) One color shade gradually progressing to another shade of the same color, or one color progressing to another color.
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