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Lit 150 Poetry - Ryan McLoone Prof. Mallery Introduction to...

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Ryan McLoone Prof. Mallery Introduction to Literature, 150-03 November 27, 2007 “Like Lilly Like Wilson” The poem “Like Lilly Like Wilson” by Taylor Mali has the simplistic purpose of a teacher realizing how he can help change the world, “And I learned in the process that if I ever change / the world it’s going to be one eight grader at / a time.” The poem starts off by saying that there is this girl, Lilly, who goes to her teacher, Mr. Mali, with a problem with her current paper she is writing, but before the teacher can get to actual paper itself he decides to help Lilly out with her “Like” problem. Lilly, is constantly being made fun of in class because whenever she talks she overuses the word “like” in every sentence. When I read this it made me think of the stereotypical valley girl. So, in order to help Lilly out with this problem, Mr. Malhi, “… declared my (his) classroom a Like-free zone, / and she could not speak for days.” At this point, Mr. Malhi thought that by declaring his room a like-free zone it would help like Lilly like Wilson out by banning the word that consumed her life everyday, which consequently was causing her to be made fun of by the rest of the school. Once Mr. Malhi realized the he helped solve Lilly’s problem he is approached by Lilly yet again with the original problem with the paper. The assignment Lilly was given was giving her some problems since she could not find any information to support her point of view on the issue she was writing about which was, how homosexuals should not be allowed to adopt children. Then Mr. Malhi refers back to the years of schooling “And it took four years of college, three years of / graduate school, and every incidental / teaching experience I have ever had to let it out / only,” to offer her some advice. The advice that he gave her was “That changing your
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mind is one of the best ways / of finding out whether or not you still have / one.” Basically, Mr.
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Lit 150 Poetry - Ryan McLoone Prof. Mallery Introduction to...

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