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bus302 GroupPaper - EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The environmental...

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The environmental need discussed in this study is the need for transportation that has been satisfied by the hybrid car industry. The demographics of our SBA include such things as education, age, location, income, and eco awareness. This paper discusses the major trends, threats, and opportunities that are present in relation to this industry and also discusses Porter’s Five Forces Model in relation to this industry. Interviews were conducted and thorough research was also conducted in order to determine the future turbulence of this industry which has proven to be between exploring and anticipatory. The time target and life span of our product were estimated to be at approximately eighteen months for design and development and approximately over five years for the average life span of a hybrid car. Future recommendations regarding the hybrid car industry in relation to our SBA look relatively positive. Hybrid sales have been increasing and rank higher in relation to to gasoline operated vehicles. The overall future of the hybrid car industry looks promising in that its customer population will expand due to unchanging gas prices and the increasing amount of negative environmental impact that gasoline operating vehicles have on the environment. SBA The environmental need chosen to satisfy was the need for transportation. Included in this area were several ways to accommodate this need including but not limited to airplanes, motorcycles, walking by foot, bicycles, and cars. This area was then furthered narrowed down to cars that are either hybrid or use gasoline, diesel, or hydrogen fuels. Finally, we chose to discuss the hybrid cars sold in the United States, 1
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primarily in Southern California used for personal use. The demographics of our SBA include educated eco-conscious people whose ages range approximately thirty to forty years old that reside in Southern California and have an annual income that exceeds $85,000.00. There are several distribution channels in order to satisfy this need or purchase a hybrid car which include but are not limited to media advertisements (television and billboards), walk-ins, internet websites, and word of mouth. MAJOR TRENDS, THREATS AND OPPORTUNITIES Trends – “Eco-friendly” mentality – An increasing number of southern California consumers between thirty and forty years of age are seeking to find their identity and use the hybrid car to do such. These consumers are striving to play a role in helping reduce pollutants in the environment and reduce the U.S. dependency on foreign oil. (Hybridcars.com/http://www.cleanedge.com/story.php?nID=3918) Increased hybrid vehicle incentives – Numerous incentives have been developed in order to increase the demand for hybrid vehicles. These include free parking in metered areas in LA county, discounts on car insurance for hybrids, and Tax credits depending on the model purchased. (hybridcars.com) Diversification of hybrids models – Manufacturer’s are expanding hybrid
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bus302 GroupPaper - EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The environmental...

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