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POLS - 2200 China Domestic Comparison-1

POLS - 2200 China Domestic Comparison-1 - David A Souza...

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David A. Souza POLS – 2200 T-TH 2:30PM Dr. Baktybek D. Abdrisaev 9/12/2016 Modern Domestic Policy of China China has become a global leader in various forms. i We have seen a nation push forth communist socialist views in a time where democracy seems to be the leader of world. ii However with the market crash and the now open Ponzi scheme making frontlines of the market crash, China is facing large problems economically, and fearful of activist teaching political questioning. iii The stock market plunged into a hall, arising the questions of market differences. iv Sophia Yan, Kacy Belew, and Tal Yellin all conducted a small study through sources such as: State Street Global Advisors, Gallup, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Oxford Economics, Federal Reserve, World Federation of Exchanges, and published a CNN article that asked simple yet complex question about the market and the people. Their questions allow us the common people to comprehend reasons behind the market. It was shown that in the United States of America, 13.8 percent of families owned shares in their respected market, and came with a greater amount of owners than compared to China’s 10-12 percent of families owning shares (Yan, Belew, Yelin CNN) v . Americans tend to invest for retirement, as the overall fight in the Chinese market is centered on beating the rest of the market. vi With recent data showing that the economic growth is at its slowest pace since 2009 vii , Chinas market has sought to increase through a push of vehicle productions of Ford. viii Hip hop has made an entrance in China through American artist Tupac. The released film of this artist is a hope to bring new forms of products into their entertainment economy. ix
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Their sought out peace against the Taliban is also seen as a means to reduce expense and rekindle the market. x Diplomatic efforts and the constant change in the Chinese territories have also been shrugged off by the Communist Party of China as Taiwan elects a new President from a Democratic party. xi Such a loss to the communist party has been shown through media as a weakening of the party. xii The contrast of China force of government and pushed into controlling of the people can be seen through the disappearing of booksellers and activist that seek to educate the people.
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