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20073 BISC 320 Make-up Lab Guidelines Welcome to BISC 320 Lab and hope you all happily started your new semester! As most of us have probably noticed, this semester most lab sections are very full, which makes lab switch very difficult. However, we understand that there could be times when you really have to make up a lab, and we don't want you to miss a lab, either, so here are the guidelines: Before the lab: 1. Plan ahead of time. That way we have more choices to squeeze you in. 2. Provide proper documents, like proof showing that you need to attend some events, or you are really ill. 3. DIRECTLY email the administrative TA Jan ( [email protected] ) ASAP. If you email Dr. Cao, or your TAs, they still have to forward your email to Jan, which takes time. 4. In your email, State clearly which lab section you're in, (both time and room/TAs) and which time slot(s) you'd prefer to join. It also saves time to settle down the make-up.
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Unformatted text preview: Once approved, a confirmation email will be sent to you and all the TAs involved (your own TAs and TAs whose lab you will be attending.) On the day of your make-up lab : 1. Print out the confirmation email, staple it with your pre-lab and excuse note, take it to the lab and show it to the TAs. Unauthorized lab switch will not be considered. 2. Write clearly your original lab section (time, room, TA ect) on the pre- and post- labs, and the quiz. --This will greatly facilitate the transfer of your papers back to your regular TA. Otherwise they could be lost and you won't get any grade on that lab. After the make-up lab: In the lab of the following week, check with your own TA for your lab write-ups and quiz. If you fail to get them back, please contact Jan ASAP....
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