Rudy - Libby Mishler AVF-1 Rudy Paper The Inspirational...

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Libby Mishler September 17, 2007 AVF-1 Rudy Paper The Inspirational Scenes in “Rudy” The film “Rudy” is an inspirational film following a young man chasing after his dream. Like most inspirational films, there are scenes where the protagonist is cut down while there are other scenes where they rise to the top; finally triumphant at the end. This is no different for “Rudy”. Rudy has a dream of playing football for Notre Dame. He is told time after time that there is no chance that he will get into the school, let alone play for the team. Rudy does not listen to these people however, and proves them all wrong by being accepted to Notre Dame, and eventually playing for the football team. There are scenes in this movie that move the story forward; that push Rudy towards his goal. Without these scenes there would be no place for the character to go. He would be stuck doing the mundane instead of achieving his goal. The scene where Rudy’s best friend died is an example of one of these scenes. Pete was a childhood friend of Rudy, who knew of Rudy’s desire and ambition to go to Notre Dame. Rudy had wanted to apply to the school while he was in high school, but his administrator told him that he didn’t have the grades to go so there was no point in trying. Pete was the only person that believed in Rudy. Unfortunately, Pete was killed in a
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Rudy - Libby Mishler AVF-1 Rudy Paper The Inspirational...

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