6-The Brain-Neural Plasticity

6-The Brain-Neural Plasticity - and projecting to the Basal...

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1 Announcements 3-page reading assignment posted on Blackboard. This Topic will be covered on Exam #2 The Brain--Neural Plasticity Neural Plasticity Movie: "Brain Transplant" -- Parkinson's Disease, brain plasticity, and the recovery from injury. A. Introduction: --The brain has a limited ability to repair severe damage => it can't produce new cells. --One approach to help people recover from brain damage is to replace lost tissue with tissue from another brain => i.e., do "brain transplants"! --Fascinating story about tissue transplants done to help reverse a neurological disorder known as Parkinson's Disease . Parkinson’s Disease Parkinson's Disease: --Usually affects older people --Symptoms: Difficulty starting and stopping voluntary movements, rigidity, immobility, and tremors. --Neural substrate: Involves degeneration of Substantia Nigra (SN) cells. SN is a nucleus in the Midbrain with cells containing Dopamine neurotransmitters
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Unformatted text preview: and projecting to the Basal Ganglia (motor structures). Major structures of the brain 2 Parkinson’s Disease Story:--A northern CA illegal drug dealer synthesized a modified version of heroin for street sale. This synthesized version of heroin (i.e., a "designer" drug) turned out to be a poison which caused "Parkinsonian" symptoms in its young victims.--Subsequently, this synthetic neurotoxin has been investigated as a possible cause for "naturally" occurring Parkinson's Disease, and has been used to study the disease and its possible treatments. Parkinson’s Disease What the Movie Illustrates:--Movie illustrates how discovery of this neurotoxin has stimulated research to understand and treat a very common nervous system disorder.--It vividly illustrates what this disease is like.--It presents the ethical and political controversy surrounding fetal tissue (& stem cell) transplants. The End...
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6-The Brain-Neural Plasticity - and projecting to the Basal...

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