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Tiffany Bret Leadership Page 29 Questions 1-4 1)Why is being perceived as having leadership qualities a compliment by most people?
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2)Give an example of how you have exerted leadership on or off the job in a situation in which you did not have a formal leadership position. Explain why you would describe your activity as leadership.
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Unformatted text preview:only a few signs. 3) What would a boss of yours have to do to demonstrate that they are an effective leader and an effective manager? They would have to clearly state their goals and visions. Have a plan of action for how they plan to accomplish their mission. Furthermore, most importantly for me, they should be competent or know when to ask for assistance. 4) Identify a business or sports leader who you think is highly effective, and explain why you think they are highly effective. Mark Zuckerberg because he dreams big, takes criticism well, and is not afraid to take risks. His mission long ago was to "make the world more open", I believe he followed through on his vision with Facebook.