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Deborah Gillen Brad Lewis Music 110 Concert Report I’ve only been to a few instrumental concerts in my life, but never one that grabbed my attention more. For one, with only two or three people performing on the stage at a time, the sound produced was extraordinary. The musicians had very similar body movement, from swaying back and forth to their intensity growing to the louder parts of pieces. All of the songs played varied from soft rhythms to harder, louder ones. Each piece also sounded as if it was from an award-winning soundtrack. Simply from attending this single concert, my outlook on instrumental performances has grown. The location of the performance was large, but it did not steal attention from the musicians playing. About one-hundred-and-fifty people could fit in the venue, and it was completely full, along with people sitting on the ground. The arrangement was nice because no matter where you were sitting, you would have a perfect view of the stage. The performers were facing each other with the piano sitting behind them. As the songs being played would grow louder, the hall would have a soft echoing effect. However, I could hear every instrument at all times. My favorite part of the echo was in the first two pieces of Three Emily Dickinson Songs . The trombone and French horn created a soothing effect because they were both synced so perfectly. To me, it seemed as though one instrument was playing the whole time with two different pitches of melody. Throughout the performance, there were no distractions or disruptions. I was very impressed because most of the audience was filled with students or younger adults. Even between pieces the only sound that would flood the venue would be applause and it would
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This note was uploaded on 04/27/2008 for the course MUSC 110 taught by Professor Lewis during the Fall '08 term at South Carolina.

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concert report1 - Deborah Gillen Brad Lewis Music 110...

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