essay 2 - broad here It can mean almost anything I would...

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ENGL-102 Close reading an object February 27, 2008 Design : It is not random. Every little element of a design serves its purpose. Design Elements : Size Shape Color Function Focus Balance Repetition Patterns Fonts typefaces materials Historical context Others:______________ Close reading an object : Read the object’s design to see what its elements inform you. Of course, its elements inform you about the object itself but we need to look beyond that to find some other meanings in a larger context so that your audience get to know something that they may not have thought of when observing the object. Steps of close reading an object : 1. Look at all its physical features (the design elements suggested above) and write down what they are. 2. Look for its associated features/meanings not readily suggested by its physical features and write them down. 3. Take a step further and think outside the box. What do some/these features tell you in a larger context? In other words, what do they tell you about the people and the culture? (Culture is very
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Unformatted text preview: broad here. It can mean almost anything. I would expect you to say something related to nowadays societies.) 4. Based on the idea about culture that you get from the previous step, make a claim (an arguable one). Then, gather details from its features/meanings to support your claim. Of course, explanation is needed to connect your supporting details to your claim. Examples--Nintendo Wii Name—wii =we game system available worldwide Size—compact crazy about it Color—white indoor games Focus—wireless remote used with TV=easily accessible Featuring movement Built-in game—sports Interface: TV channels Arguable Claim: The Wii system attempts to promote fitness Support: built-in game: sports which everyone game own has it Wire remote that allow interaction Indoor game system that people can exercise indoor Easily accessible anywhere with tv so everybody can do the ex. may refine the claim by saying among certain people , make use of certain kinds of exercise...
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essay 2 - broad here It can mean almost anything I would...

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