Ireland and the Crimean War Revision

Ireland and the Crimean War Revision - Ireland and the...

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Ireland and the Crimean War Was the Crimean War significant in Irish society? Lead up to the Crimean War - Dispute over the control of the Church of the Nativity was one of the immediate causes of the Crimean War of 1854- 6. - Summer of 1850 orthodox and Roman Catholic monks clashed over who should control the Church- several Orthodox monks killed as a result. - Tsar Nicholas demanded to be appointed the protector of all Christians in the Ottoman Empire- Sultan of Turkey could not accede. - July 1953 Russia had invaded Turkey’s Danubian principalities. - France and Britain feared Russian control of the eastern end of the Mediterranean and also further expansion into their own territories in North Africa and India. - Promised to go to the aid of Turkey. - 28 th March 1854 France and Britain declared war on Russia. - Conflict centered on the Crimean peninsula in the Black sea. - Further fighting in the Baltic and naval activity in the Atlantic and the Pacific. Attitudes to the war in Ireland - Would imagine that just a few years after the famine and the failed Young Ireland rebellion of 1848- Irish would not be interested in war. - BUT early months of 1854 Ireland gripped by war fever. - Regiments departed and young men rushed to join up to fight in a war which it was assumed, would be over in a few months. - 24 th Feb. 1854 the 50 th foot, commanded by Wexford born Lieutenant- Colonel Richard Waddy, left Dublin. o Vast crowds accompanied them vociferously cheering o Went by the longer route the better opportunity for the people to display their feelings - In coastal towns e.g. Cork, Waterford and Galway, the war was hugely supported. - E.g. women in Claddagh region declared the recruitment officers could take their sons and themselves. - The times later remarked such was the hysteria in Ireland that the “repeal button and all other insignia of the old agitations” would not capture as much support as the Queens forces. -
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Ireland and the Crimean War Revision - Ireland and the...

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