Education 1920 onwards Revision

Education 1920 onwards Revision - Development of the...

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Development of the Educational System after the end of the War of Independence 1920 onwards - Change in the educational system was expected - Patrick Pearse had made a devastating criticism of the Irish education system, calling it a “murder machine”. - 1924 the Intermediate Education Act combined the old Boards and Commissions into a single Department of Education under a Minister. - The first minister for education was scholar Eoin MacNeill- didn’t do that much. - With one notable exception, little change was made in the education system up to the 1960s. Curricular Policy in Independent Ireland - Allotted a much more central role to the Irish language with an Irish emphasis in courses in history, geography, music etc - For many nationalists the purpose of education in a free Ireland was the re- establishment of Gaelic civilization. Primary Education - Department oversaw a network of national schools covering the country. - Most of them were run by various Churches on a parish basis, with the department paying some of the building costs and the teachers salaries. - The churches guarded their control of education jealously and made it difficult for governments to interfere. - Changes limited; o Syllabus was widened to more subjects and stress was laid on encouraging nationalism, particularly in the teaching of history. o Irish was made compulsory. o Many one teacher schools with only a few pupils around the country. Expensive to run. The government tried to amalgamate them into bigger
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Education 1920 onwards Revision - Development of the...

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