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Review_Sheet_for_Exam_22 - Review Sheet for Exam 2 Chapter...

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Review Sheet for Exam 2 Chapter 4 Definitions you should know: Aqueous solution, solvent, solute, electrolytes, difference between strong and weak electrolytes, solubility; precipitate, metathesis reaction, molecular equation, complete ionic equation, spectator ions, net ionic equation, acids, bases, salt, oxidation, reduction, oxidation number, displacement reaction, activity series, concentration, molarity, dilution, titration, equivalence point, indicator, standard solution Skills you should know: Be able to write balanced molecular, complete ionic, net ionic equations; be able to identify strong acids and bases (MEMORIZE Table 4.2); given an ionic compound, be able to indicate whether it is soluble or insoluble (MEMORIZE Table 4.1); be able to interconvert molarity, moles and volume of solutions; be able to calculate molarity after dilution; calculate amounts of products and volumes of reagents in precipitation and neutralization reactions, including identification of limiting reagent Chapter 5 Definitions you should know:
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