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Chemistry 101-2 Fall 2007 Sample Test No. 1 I (20 POINTS). For the statements below, indicate if they are TRUE or FALSE. If FALSE, MODIFY the statement to make it true. 1. All atoms of an element are identical. 2. A volume of 5.5 cm 3 is equal to 0.0055 L. 3. The number of significant figures in 0.005820 is three. 4. Water is considered to be a diatomic molecule because it is composed of two different atoms. 5. The compound NaClO 4 is sodium chlorate. 6. The diameters of atomic nuclei are on the order of 10 -4 Å or 1 x 10 -15 m. 7. The chemical properties of the elements are periodic functions of the mass number. 8. The quantity of product that is calculated to form when all of the limiting reagent reacts is called the actual yield. 9. The mass of a single atom of an element (in amu) is numerically equal to the mass in grams of 1 mole of that element. 10. In a chemical reaction, the limiting reagent always gives the lowest amount of product. 1
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II (40 POINTS). Multiple Choice. Encircle the letter of the best answer. 1) 1 nanometer = __________ picometers A) 1000 B) 0.1 C) 0.001 D) 100 E) none of the above 2) If matter is uniform throughout, cannot be separated into other substances by physical processes, but can be decomposed into other substances by chemical processes, it is called a (an) __________. A) heterogeneous mixture B) element C) homogeneous mixture D) compound E) mixture of elements 3) 3.337 3 g/cm = __________ 3 kg/cm A) 9 3.337 × 10 - B) 5 3.337 × 10 - C) 3337 D) 0.3337 E) 333.7 4) Gases and liquids share the property of __________. A) compressibility
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Chem101_SampleTest1Rev2 - Chemistry 101-2 Fall 2007 Sample...

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