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business chapter 5 hw

business chapter 5 hw - Marco Emadzadeh Business 101...

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Marco Emadzadeh Business 101 Chapter 5 Critical Thinking 1. My goal in life is to actually open my own business. I would not consider myself ultimately successful if I couldn’t make my dream a reality. Even as a child, I knew that one day I would want to own something, from a small corner candy store to a huge department store, anything was possible. As the years went by, I realized that the owner of a business must have some type of correlation with the business, for example, a college graduate with a major in public fashion could open a clothing store, but obviously not a bowling alley, especially with no former background in bowling whatsoever. Therefore, with my interests and hobbies in mind, I decided that one day I will open a lounge/nightclub. There is a city in Greece which is largely known for its nightlife. There is a public street which is attached to a beach in the back, and filled with nightclubs and bars all over. I would choose to start my club there, and gain reputation and connections in the clubbing industry.
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