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SP08 Syllabus

SP08 Syllabus - March 17 SPRING BREAK – Go Away March 24...

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Tentative SPRING 2008 BIOL-302L GENETICS LAB SYLLABUS Date (Week of) Experiment January 28 Labs start Monday, January 28 th . Attendance is mandatory . The first leadoff will be Monday, January 28, 2008 Human Variation February 4 Continue Human Variation February 11 Streptomycin mutations: Isolation, Characterization and Analysis I: Isolation and Characterization February 18 Streptomycin mutations II: PCR amplification of mutant gene February 25 Streptomycin mutations III: Sequencing of mutant Gene March 3 Streptomycin mutations IV: Comparison of Mutant Gene to Wildtype Gene - NCBI March 10 Determination of Genetic Makeup of transformed DH5 α by Phenotype and Molecular Techniques
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Unformatted text preview: March 17 SPRING BREAK – Go Away! March 24 Mendelian Genetics – Gene Mapping Drosophila Simulation I: Karyotyping Genes March 31 MIDTERM EXAM – 3/31/08 7:00-9:00 PM Continue Simulation I 12:00 – Review Session – Location TBA April 7 Finish Simulation I Gene Regulation Operon Fusion April 14 Operon Fusion – Data analysis April 21 Mendelian Genetics – Gene Mapping from a Four-Point Cross Drosophila Simulation II, April 28 Population Genetics Human Variation Data Analysis Notebooks DUE! May 5 Lecture will be answer-questions review sessions for the Midterm Notebooks Returned. May 12 FINAL EXAM – 5/12/07 Time TBA...
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