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physics lab report 5 - of the resistor and the capacitor...

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Phys112, Sect. 105 Dr. Cui Lab #5 Procedures 1. Connect the signal generator output to the vertical input of the CRO. Then, put the variable sweep time/cm dial to the calibrated position. Change the amplitude so that it fills the screen. 2. Put the signal generator dial to 100 Hz. 3. Connect the capacitor to C = .2 uF in series. 4. Put the frequency of the oscillator between 100 and 500 Hz. Measure the voltage
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Unformatted text preview: of the resistor and the capacitor. Then, set the frequency higher and measure these voltages again. Repeat this step with frequencies between 100 and 5000 Hz eiht times. 5. Replace the capacitor by an inductor. 6. Measure the phase difference between the two voltages and measure the resistance of the inductor and R....
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