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Prof. Abercrombie 4/20/08 Stat350, 101 Stat350- Project #2 1. Descriptive statistics provided on separate paper. 2. A 90% confidence interval estimate for the mean Zinc concentration in bottom water and surface water is between -.0013863 to .13905. 3. We saw that the mean Zinc concentration in the bottom water was larger then that of the surface water. The separate paper summarizes the data. The difference between the sample averages is .56427778 - .495444 = .06883378. The SE for the difference is .041379. We used an alpha that was equal to .05 in testing the null hypothesis (u 1 = u 2 ) against the alternative hypothesis (u 1 is not equal to u 2 ). The value of the test statistic is 1.66. The degrees of freedom for the t distribution is 34. The P-value for the test is the probability of getting a t statistic that is at least
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Unformatted text preview: as far away from zero as 1.66. Because the P-value is greater than alpha, we do not reject the null hypothesis. These data do not provide sufficient evidence to conclude that u 1 and u 2 differ; the difference we observed between the means could easily have happened by chance. It was also a very small difference; therefore, it could be equivalent to zero. a. Conclusion: The data do not provide sufficient evidence (P-value is between .1 and .2) at the .05 level of significance to conclude that the Zinc concentration is highly different in bottom water compared to surface water. There is insufficient evidence against the null hypothesis....
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