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B.Tech. (Information Technology), 3rd year Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Lonere Dist.- Raigad Diploma - 87.13% Purnmal Lahoti Goverment Polytechnic, Latur Tal. Latur Dist. Latur Secondary School Certificate - 81.40% Madhmik Vidyalaya Dindrud, Tal. Majalgaon Dist Beed Participated in "TECHNO SPARK" organized by PLGPL, Latur Participated in "C- CODE" organized by Oriange- v3 IT services pvt. Ltd LaturPune, Maharashtra, India. + 91 7028430515 [email protected]Gaundar SUMMARYGaurav Gaundar B.Tech. (Information Technology) EDUCATION An enthusiastic, Self Motivated, Detail-oriented person, consistently learning new things and assimilating new ideas quickly. Active listener with good communication skills. Keen to obtain new skills and training have a flexible approach to all work situations and find it easy to adapt. 09/2020-PURSUING06/2017-03/2020
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