Fall 07 Phys 143l HW 5

Fall 07 Phys 143l HW 5 - Problem 2 BFG Ch 5 Problem 8...

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Duke University Department of Physics Physics 143 Fall Term 2007 HOMEWORK 5 Available: October 1 Due: October 15 at the beginning of class. Please don’t forget to write your name on your solutions! You must always show your work for credit. Problem 1: BFG Ch. 5 Problem 4
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Unformatted text preview: Problem 2: BFG Ch. 5 Problem 8 Problem 3: BFG Ch. 5 Problem 12 Problem 4: BFG Ch. 6 Problems 1 and 2 Problem 5: BFG Ch. 6 Problem 9 Problem 6: BFG Ch. 6 Problem 20. Assume the u ’s are infinite well wave functions....
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