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Fall 07 Phys 143l HW 7

Fall 07 Phys 143l HW 7 - some particular facility project...

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Duke University Department of Physics Physics 143 Fall Term 2007 HOMEWORK 7 Available: October 22 Due: October 29 at the beginning of class. Imagine you are a science journalist writing for a magazine with a scientif- ically informed general public readership, such as Scientific American . Your editor has assigned you to write three articles about your three tours/presentations this week. One of these should be 1000-1500 words long, and two others should be shorter “news clips” of 300-600 words. You can choose which topic you want to be the longer one. These articles may be general overview arti- cles or you may instead choose to focus on some particular topic related to the tours that interested you,
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Unformatted text preview: some particular facility, project or research topic, or even something like an interview or profile of a person, or a FAQ, etc. . Feel free to be creative, so long as you have some physics content! You may include quotes from your tour guides or others, and you may include figures, diagrams, etc. if you wish (or you could take your own photos!) I hope I do not need to remind you that your articles must be in your own words. You will be graded primarily on clarity of your explanations. Attendance will be taken on the tours, and anyone not present without a good reason will not be given points for the corresponding article. If you must miss any tour, please contact me....
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