Fall 07 Phys 143l HW 2

Fall 07 Phys 143l HW 2 - so that the wire is holding open a...

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Duke University Department of Physics Physics 143 Fall Term 2007 HOMEWORK 2 Available: September 3 Due: September 10 at the beginning of class. Please don’t forget to write your name on your solutions! You must always show your work for credit. Problem 1: A very fine wire 7.35 × 10 - 3 mm in diameter is placed be- tween two flat glass plates, at one edge of the plates parallel to the sides of the plates. The edges of the plates touch on each other on the other side,
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Unformatted text preview: so that the wire is holding open a thin wedge-shaped lm of air between the plates. Light of wavelength 600 nm falls, and is viewed, perpendicular to the plates, and a series of bright and dark bands is seen. How many dark and light bands will there be? Will the area next to the wire be bright or dark? Problem 2: BFG Ch. 2 Problem 3 Problem 3: BFG Ch. 2 Problem 7 Problem 4: BFG Ch. 2 Problem 8 Problem 5: BFG Ch. 2 Problem 18...
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