Science and Religion in the Courts

Science and Religion in the Courts - Science and Religion...

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Science and Religion in the Courts Courts vary as to whether they accept brain washing as a form of science US vs. Fishman Dr. Margaret Singer Eileen Barker – because people are able to leave, they are not subject to manipulation Aguillard v Edwards Brings up the more recent dispute of intelligent design Creation science was presented as if it were science The two religion clauses are in contention of each other The government should avoid promoting religion Public schools are a brand of the government “Lemon Test” – dealt with allocating funds to schools. The test is determined by asking three questions, in which all three must be met. o Question One: The law must have a secular purpose o Question Two: Should have its primary effect not to advance or inhibit religion o Question Three: Should not resulting excessive entanglement of government with religion The state is trying to remain neutral The state should not impose a value system on its citizens
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