HW#5 - Taralynn Carter Grammar 321-2/Crawford HW#5 Ex 1 2 I...

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Taralynn Carter Grammar 321-2/Crawford 2/25/08 HW#5 Ex. 1: 2. I have my portable telephone on my bed all the time. have- present tense 3. He wondered when it would stop . wondered- past tense, would stop- modal 4. This machine doesn't take nickels. 5. I brought some beer home because he likes beer. brought- past tense, likes- present tense 6. We have as head of the country a very ill old man who should go out in peace. have- present tense, should go- modal 7. The judge may be mistaken in his judgment of what the legislature would have chosen. may be mistaken- modal, would have chosen- modal Ex. 3: A: What is that? B: It's one of those tomato pear ones <laughs>. A: You know what we should do -- we should make apple pi this fall. C: Apple? We never really get much access to apples. I guess we could go out and hunt some but B: I never really hear about any. Smith has an apple tree. D: I think I'll have some of this. Joshua would you pass me the meat please, and I would like to have some hash, Darling, to go with my eggs. Thanks.-- Oh, we forgot to say grace-- Oops, oh well. Present tense (11): is, 's, know, get, guess, hunt, hear, has, think, to go, say Past tense (1): forgot Modal verbs (6): should do, should make, would go out, 'll have, would you pass, would like to have In the same letter, Leibniz answers an objection that his views are not amenable to treatment by mathematics, an essential tool of the new natural philosophy, by saying that time and space mean situation and order, that is, relations, and that relations may be treated quantitatively. Leibniz-Clarke uses an explanation in the Discourse similar to the
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This note was uploaded on 04/27/2008 for the course ENG 321 taught by Professor Crawford during the Spring '08 term at N. Arizona.

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HW#5 - Taralynn Carter Grammar 321-2/Crawford HW#5 Ex 1 2 I...

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