HW#4 - Taralynn Carter English 321-2/Crawford 2/11/07 HW#4...

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Taralynn Carter English 321-2/Crawford 2/11/07 HW#4 Workbook Ch. 5 Exercise 1: 2. Channell and Miller pleaded guilty to a single felony and were placed on probation for two years. Pleaded: main, lexical, regular, single-word. Were: auxiliary, primary. Placed: main, lexical, regular, single-word 3. They said we finally found out why our cattle are dying of lead poisoning. Said: main, lexical, irregular, single-word. Found out: main, lexical, regular, multiple- word. Are: auxiliary, primary. Dying: main, lexical, regular, single-word 4. Lebed has declined to run for a seat in the upper house of parliament, even though he could have won one easily. Has: auxiliary, primary. Declined: main, lexical, regular, single-word. To: auxiliary, primary. Run: main, lexical, irregular, single-word. Could: auxiliary, modal. Have: auxiliary, primary. Won: main, lexical, irregular, single-word. 5. This program must be kept constantly up to date through study of shifts in mass consciousness and through constant efforts to connect up with them. Must: auxiliary, modal. Be: auxiliary, primary. Kept: main, lexical, irregular, single- word. Connect up with: main, lexical, regular, multi-word. 6. Oh, come on , doesn’t John want a little bit? Come on: main, lexical, irregular, multi-word. Doesn’t: auxiliary, primary. Want: main, lexical, regular, single-word. 7. Endotoxins bind specifically to receptors found on the gut cell membranes of the susceptible insects. Bind: main, lexical, irregular, single-word.
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This note was uploaded on 04/27/2008 for the course ENG 321 taught by Professor Crawford during the Spring '08 term at N. Arizona.

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HW#4 - Taralynn Carter English 321-2/Crawford 2/11/07 HW#4...

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