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COLT250g - Cultures of Latin America fall 07

COLT250g - Cultures of Latin America fall 07 - Comparative...

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Comparative Literature 250g - Lectures: T-Th 11-12:20 Cultures of Latin America Office Hours : THU 4-6 pm Prof. Gabriel Giorgi Phone 213-740-1270 E-mail [email protected] Office THH 156 K This course explores some of the distinctive cultural aspects of Latin America by looking at the ways it has been defined and represented in cultural terms. What is expected, desired or supposed to be ‘Latin American’? For whom? Is there a common identity among the many ‘cultures of Latin America’? What are the connections and gaps between ‘Latin’ American cultures and the US ‘Latino’ cultures? Two themes will guide us through this exploration along Latin America’s landscapes of difference: monsters and multitudes . Cultural representations of monsters and multitudes are artifacts that allow collective desires, fears and anxieties to be represented, channeling multiple perspectives and voices. They embody threats to social and cultural orders; they also figure a crisis of cultural identities. Monsters and multitudes, in this sense, make visible some of the plural forces involved in the making of Latin American
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