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antrhopology+notes - Forager chief concerns-• abundance...

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4/8 Exogamy- outside group Endogamy- inside group *universal rule (broad context) Exogamy- more strictly enforced incest- almost always included parents and siblings Endogamy may be required ex: Indian Hindu Caste system usually preferential (in the US) social class race religion age Polygamy- most cultures allow (do not require) polygamy- most marriages in those cultures are monogamous expensive- generally practiced only by the well-off and the upwardly mobile (socially) in traditional cultures, women favor polygamy o first wives get privileges reduce labor has authority over other wives o sororal polygamy- sisters (no bride price) o wives were given separations European Colonialism outlawed polygyny but in rural areas, all over the 3 rd world countries, polygyny is still practiced Polyandry- very rare 4/19 Religion: beliefs and practices concerning supernatural powers and beings –diverse beliefs religion meets culturally specific needs
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Unformatted text preview: Forager: chief concerns-• abundance of game • illness ** must show respect for the animals you kill- if not, you will get sick • forager gods tend to be animal gods Peasants: chief concerns-• fertility • illness • “gods”- ancestral spirits o dead ancestors (souls) o still interested in the living o if ancestors are happy with you, they will help you ancestors want: • family harmony • respect and remembered • respect rituals • if ancestors are not happy with the living, they bring illness Culture bound religions vs. world religions Culture bound religions: • most religions • religion is for a single culture • born into it • no human founder • no text • based on solving today’s problems World religions: • for anyone • most people belong • choice • human founder • text is important • salvation...
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antrhopology+notes - Forager chief concerns-• abundance...

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