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Research for PSYC 100 We are conducting a brief survey about psychologists and their work for a class project. A total of 200 people will be surveyed on campus; this is completely voluntary, with no compensation, and your answers are anonymous. We will use the results only for class discussion. If you agree to participate, please complete the following items: (1) Write the names of up to three psychologists that you have heard of. If you know of more than three, list those you are most familiar with. (2) What percentage of people trained in psychology do you think provide some form of counseling or therapy in their profession? _________ (3) When you think of therapists or counselors in general (even if you have a had a different experience with one personally), what do you think they consider
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Unformatted text preview: the cause of most problematic behavior to be? (List up to three things, but be as brief as possible.) (4) Please circle a rating below the following statement to indicate how much you agree or disagree with it: Research on human behavior includes topics such as brain function, memory, intelligence, personality, development, social interaction, and psychological disorders or mental illness. When I read or hear about these studies, I have confidence that the results are accurate. 1 2 3 4 5 Never Rarely Sometimes Usually Always *********************** Thank you for taking the time to participate! Please fold this survey in half and hand it back to the surveyor....
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