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1. Intimacy (Sternberg's theory of love) is the component of love that is key in beginning a love relationship because of the physical attraction and passion that it creates. 2. Define passionate and companionate love. Are they related? Explain. 3. How does a person become a good communicator? 4. In communicating, assuming the role of mind reader will probably work to promote a good sexual relationship because you will know what the person is thinking and will do it. 5. What is date rape? Why is it so common? 6. Answer as best you can the question, “How many people are gay, lesbian, bi, or straight?” 7. Overall, males are more likely to be involved in sexual paraphilias to a degree that it would be defined as a problem. They are also more likely not to be as susceptible to treatment as females. 8. Distinguish between the different kinds of rape and the differences in reporting. 9. Discuss what a fetish is, how it works, and the different types of fetishes. 10. Define transvestism. What are some related phenomena? Also discuss the “typical” transvestite, the causes, and the reactions of his family. 11. Most married people are satisfied with the quality of their marital sex. Page 1
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12. Define the following terms: sexual orientation, homosexual, bisexual, gay, lesbian, straight . 13. Antigay prejudice in the United States has declined over the last 25 years, but is still
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hsfall2004test3review - 1 Intimacy(Sternberg's theory of...

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