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Sample Exam Questions A Streetcar Named Desire 1. What subject did Blanche teach at Laurel High School? A. English B. Music C. Social Studies D. Math 2. Where does Blanche meet Mitch? A. At the local bar B. At the Kowalskis’ apartment C. At the bowling alley D. In a Paris Hotel 3. Stella left Belle Reve after the death of which family member? A. Her mother B. Her aunt C. Her father D. Her brother 4. Which of the following events occurs first? A. Eunice gets in a fight with Steve B. Blanche kisses the Young Collector C. Stella goes into labor D. Blanche meets Mitch 5. Which of the following accurately describes Elysian Fields? A. Ethnically diverse, working class, quiet B. Mostly white, working class, noisy C. Ethnically diverse, working class, noisy D. Mostly Hispanic, middle class, sparsely populated 6. What does Blanche say caused her family to lose Belle Reve? A. Her ancestors’ “epic fornications” B. Her ancestors’ dependence on slave labor C. Her father’s death D. Her mother’s “spendthrift ways”
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Streetcar_sample_questions - Sample Exam Questions A...

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