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1. List the names of three people who you are close to—these people could be family members or friends. 2. Pick one name on your list and think of one way you can help that person in the next three days. 3. Write a three-sentence plan for how you will help the person you picked. Remember: When you serve, always strive to preserve dignity and, if possible, solve a root problem. I am close to Chris Shea, Cody Keesecker, and Nick Granberry. I plan on helping Cody by showing him acts of service. If he needs a ride anywhere I will be there to help him out. If he wants to talk about his life I will be there to listen and guide him with only power full knowledge that will benefit him. I will help him with anything he needs to get done even if it consists of chores. What are some of the key characteristics that make up your identity (for example, age, race, gender, interests, and personal traits)? What kinds of people do you currently have in your network?
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