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TA_CHAP_18_samp_questions - CHAPTER 18 LIGHTING AND SOUND...

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CHAPTER 18 LIGHTING AND SOUND MATCHING Instructions: Order the following types of stage lighting according to the time in which they came to be used in theater: 1 is the type first used in theater, 2 is the type used next, etc. A. Candles and oil lamps B. The sun C. Gaslight D. incandescent lights ____ 1. ____ 2. ____ 3. ____ 4. MULTIPLE-CHOICE 5. The primary function of lighting is to: A. reveal shapes and forms B. reinforce a central visual image C. assist in creating mood and reinforcing style D. provide illumination 6. When a beam of light is aimed at a particular area on the stage, it is said to be: A. focused B. guided C. trained D. pointed 7. When light from one area falls into an adjacent area, it is said to: 8. Lighting alone can rarely create mood.
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