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CHAPTER 16 SCENERY MULTIPLE -CHOICE 1. The objectives of the scene designer do not include: A. helping to set the mood and style of the production B. developing a design concept C. solving practical design problems D. assisting in the blocking of the production 2. A stage set should tell the audience: A. when the play takes place B. where the play takes place C. what kind of characters the play is about D. all of the above 3. Stage right and stage left mean the right and left side, respectively, from the perspective of the: A. audience facing the stage B. performers facing the audience C. performers facing away from the audience D. performers no matter which direction they are facing 4. If an actor is near the edge of the stage closest to the audience, and he turns his back and walks away from the audience, he is walking: A. upstage B. downstage 5. A circle set into the floor which can turn mechanically to bring one set into view as another disappears is a: A. wagon B. treadmill C. turntable
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TA_chap_16_sample_questions - CHAPTER 16 SCENERY...

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