14-1 Costume and Streetcar

14-1 Costume and Streetcar - Contrasting groups 5) Where...

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1 Costume and Everyday Life The manner in which a person dresses can indicate multiple things: ± ± Sex ± Occupation ± Relative flamboyance or modesty ± Degree of independence or regimentation ± Whether one is dressed for work or leisure / for a routine event or a special occasion. Costumes and/or clothing holds symbolic importance – telling an audience much about a character before the performer even speaks. Objectives of Costume Design 1) Production Style 2) Historical period and locale 3) Nature of individual characters or groups : stations in life occupations personalities 4) Show relationships: Major characters vs minor ones
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Unformatted text preview: Contrasting groups 5) Where appropriate, symbolically convey the significance of individual characters or the theme of the play 6) Meet the needs of individual performers 7) Be consistent with the production as a whole. The Costume Designers Resources The Elements that a Costume Designer works with Line Shape Silhouette Color Fabric Accessories 2 Supporting elements in Costume Design Costume Designers often are responsible for the overall look of the characters, but need extra support to finish the illusion Make-up Hairstyles Wigs Masks Special Effects...
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14-1 Costume and Streetcar - Contrasting groups 5) Where...

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