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art notes 4.10 - 4/10 Art notes 9-1 Gustave Eiffel *The...

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Unformatted text preview: 4/10 Art notes 9-1 Gustave Eiffel *The Eiffel Tower-by Gustave Eiffel 1887-89, Paris-Paris exposition of 1889(World’s Fair)-tallest structure in the world when it was built-tower marked the entrance to the fair-984 ft. made of iron, has an elevator-originally red, painted brown now, 3shades of brown-the bottom of the tower is heavy dark brown, then a lighter brown in the middle, then a lighter shade of brown at the top of the tower-round exhibition halls for exhibition itself-Mayor decides what colors repainted. Repainted a lot to upkeep iron-every time it’s painted weight is added from being painted 17times-the Eiffel tower was also meant to be temporary-there was a movement to keep it standing-represented a whole different type of architecture-Garnier had a huge problem with the tower. He circulated a campaign & petition to bring the tower down-since then, it’s become so important and a symbol of Paris & France, all over the world Q: The artist of this work deliberately avoided expressing his personal views in his paintings. A: false The same painting, more than one above Event of 1808 completed painting in 1814 Gustave Courbet Genre scene scene of every day life 19 th century France 9.35 Gustave Courbet, The Stone Breakers, 1849 Royal Academy/Salon Pavilion of Realism...
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art notes 4.10 - 4/10 Art notes 9-1 Gustave Eiffel *The...

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