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anthro+notes - Hort = 1 acre Peasants = 5-10...

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2/8 – 2/13 About 15,000 years ago, agriculture was invented Pastoralism - way of life built around herding animals Dry/ edges of deserts or mountains Nomads Warrior societies Local groups= 15-25 people 1 extended family Horticulture- heavily forested area Hand held tools (stone tools) Poor soil Slash and burn Burn vegetation Plant crop in ash 3 years use, 7-10 years fallow (don’t use) Works well if 2 conditions are met 1. small population 2. lots of land Communities number 20-150 people Peasant Agriculture- Intensive agriculture Producing food for their own subsistence Peasants use plows/ animal drawn
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Unformatted text preview: Hort. = 1 acre Peasants = 5-10 acres *intensive- use same piece of land over and over, year after year. To not destroy the land, you have to care for it 1. Fertilize 2. Irrigate 3. Clear the field Per acre, peasants produce 100 times more food than horticultures or pastoralists With the invention of peasant agriculture, 3 innovations appear in human history 1. Permanent settlements-Sedentary existence 2. Larger populations 3. Frees some people from food production-Rise of specialization *** read articles 1,2,3,5,10,12,13,36...
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