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American History X

American History X - Extra Credit Sociology American...

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Extra Credit Sociology American History X American History X is a movie about extreme prejudice and discrimination by white “skinheads”. This movie shows how a sociological role can be defined and how prejudice and hatred can be created. In sociology dramaturgy is defined by the presentation of self in everyday life or the role that one plays. Derek was a straight A student, who dressed and acted like a normal teenager and was considered a “good” kid before the death of his father. But after his fathers death Derek began to be filled with hatred and started taking on a new role. To fulfill his new role he began to change his appearance, he got many Nazi tattoos all over his body and shaved his head. His manner became different, instead of being a normal teenager his temper and hatred went over the top. His social setting also changed he started hanging out with different people, people that believed in the same things as he did.
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