08 - Agriculturalists Planting crops Population increases,...

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Effects of Agriculture on Native American Societies – Elaboration of: Economy Trade not necessarily dominated by Europeans Class / Caste Systems Caste system based on certain sociological factors, age, profession (religious calling), financial standing, etc Architecture Homes more permanent, elaborate Kin systems More relatives recognized Religion More organized, more persons of religious profession And others Surplus More dedication to certain tasks, professions Ecological Economies Hunter Gatherers Relative lack of ecological manipulation Lived in fragile ecosystems Fishing Hunting Gathering (women’s work) Gender division of labour All Native Populations Arctic – 2 persons / sq mile Northern New England – 40 persons / sq mile Southern New England – 300 persons / sq mile Chesapeake – 800-1,000 persons / sq mile Tenochtitlan – 25,000 persons / sq mile
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Unformatted text preview: Agriculturalists Planting crops Population increases, but they are still labour-poor societies Similarities to Middle Eastern / European Neolithic Revolution Kinship – Clans, Matriliny (social recognition passed on through the mother), polygamy Religion – Dedicated sites, elaborated ceremonies Class and social hierarchy – Priests, warriors, political issues Tenochtitlan Floating gardens Mexica empire Very, very, large city (larger than Rome) Organized religion (sun was chief, sacrifices of captured / conquered) Class Structure of Mexica Empire Lords (administrators) Chosen by merit Responsible for certain regions Chieftains Warriors Priests (two high priests, many lower priests) Merchants and artisans Farmers (compulsory armed service, but not slaves)...
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08 - Agriculturalists Planting crops Population increases,...

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