08 - An Indian in Body Paint Not as frightful as Pict Still...

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The Norman Empire – From Ireland to Sicily Descendents of Vikings Imperialism – The policy of extending a nation’s authority by territorial acquisition or by the establishment of economic and political hegemony over other countries Creolization – The process by which people from different countries and cultures and compelled to blend together into a new people. The form this blend takes is heavily dependent on the ecology of the area The Conquest of Ireland: 1169 – ca 1580 Norman Imperialism Early Norman invasion, but “peaceful” (nobles creolized) Tudor Imperialism Elizabeth I sent in to reinvade Ireland and ‘civilize’ the nation (NOT “peaceful”) Apprenticeship for British Empire Early Victorianism The Irish “Race” Cultural differences Race really doesn’t exist Irish Stereotypes Dirty Crass Baby eaters Barbarians John White: Illustrator of Old and New Worlds Artist and cartographer A Pict in Body Paint ca 1580 Evolutionary culture Picts Englishmen
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Unformatted text preview: An Indian in Body Paint Not as frightful as Pict Still has tattoos, like Pict Engineer and explorer Naturalist and humanist Seventeenth Century Labour: Indentured Servants The Navigation Acts British controlled transport/trade of tobacco and sugar The Navigation Acts helped make colonial Britons the wealthiest people (on average) in the world Average Wealth at Death New England: 42 Metropolitan British: 54 Chesapeake: 1111 West Indies: 1230 The First Sugar Plantations Sicily and Southern Italy Sugar as a medicine and spice in the Middle Ages Norman sugar plantation in Sicily, ca 1300 The Slave Trade Yaws (relative of syphilis) Delivery System within West Africa The Middle Passage West Africa to the Americas Delivery systems with in America Elmina Castle, 16 th Century The Occidental (Atlantic) Trade Peaked: 1700-1800 About:12-14 million Largest of three market 70,000 people a year from 1700-1800 80% male...
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08 - An Indian in Body Paint Not as frightful as Pict Still...

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