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Meredith Crimp ISP203L – Sec 014 February 21, 2008 Sustainable development. It seems like a simple idea, doesn’t it? After all, how hard is it to plant a tree if you cut one down? But sustainable development becomes much more complicated when considered on a global scale. Many businesses argue that sustainable development is just not a realistic goal, because total fulfillment of that goal would mean strict limitations on both personal liberties and business objectives, while environmentalists counter that sustainable development is not optional, but necessary for continued human activity for following generations. Sustainable development is important not just to scientists, environmentalists, and businessmen, but it is important to everybody, because humanity’s impact on the earth affects everybody. Dinah M Payne and Dr Cecily A Raiborn argue that reconciling sustainability with the business objectives and basic human liberties is a matter of deciding “how can the ‘needs’ of the present be differentiated from the ‘wants’ of the present as well as how can the needs of the future be ascertained currently” (Payne 2001). The article maintains that businesses cannot simply take from the planet without giving back. Business practices require the cutting down of the rainforests, for example, need to be moderated to allow the rainforest to continue their existence. Problems arise when considering benchmarks for environmental action for businesses, but many of these problems can be alleviated by new technological developments. Lastly, the issue arises of determining who should set environmental standards. The basic premise of Payne and Raiborn’s
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ISP203L_Paper - Crimp 1 Meredith Crimp ISP203L Sec 014...

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