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1 BIBL104 Summary of the books of the Bible Part I (Old Testament Books 1. Genesis: The Book of Origins – The book of Genesis is, as the name suggests, the beginning of the Bible. It was written by Moses on Mt. Sinai. Genesis serves as the basis for the ideas, customs and laws of Israel – and the world. The book begins with how God created the world; it’s origin. It also shows God’s relationship with the people of the earth. Some famous people in the book of Genesis include Adam & Eve, Noah and Abraham. 2. Exodus: The History of Deliverance – The second book of the Bible is Exodus and it deals largely with the exodus of the Jews out of Egypt. It was also written by Moses. This book continues on the themes that God delivers (free) his people (the Israelites) and it also shows the power that God has. One of the main themes of Exodus is to continue showing how God revealed himself. The Ten Commandments were revealed in Exodus. 3. Leviticus: The Way of Holiness – Leviticus is the this book of the Bible and it contains two major themes. It was also written by Moses. The first theme is that of sacred rituals including the tabernacle, the status of being God’s people and festivals. The second major theme in the book is probably one of the most important in the Bible. It is that of holiness and how God is holy and how he wants his people to be holy. Some important 4. Numbers: The Wilderness Years – The forth book of the Bible is that of Numbers. Once again it was written by Moses. It deals with the 38 – 40 year period that God’s chosen people wondered in the wilderness. The book continues teaching us about God and his faithfulness to keep his promises. Numbers also deals with Israel’s response to law and the consequences which come if the law is not followed. Some key characters 5. Deuteronomy: The Book of Covenant life – Deuteronomy is the fifth book in the Bible and it was the final book written by Moses. The book is comprised of a number of speeches that are given by Moses in the plains of Moab shortly prior to his death. Some themes, which are once again repeated, are God is patient and he provides for his people. 6. Joshua: The Book of Conquest – The sixth book of the Bible is Joshua. The book is about the history of the Israelites from the time of Moses death to the death of Joshua, who took over after Moses died. Joshua is commanded by God to cross the Jordan river and lead the people into the promised land. The authorship is not known. The book also shows the destruction of the Amorites and the Canaanites as a punishment to their sins. God expects obedience.
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2 7. Judges: The Book of Defeat – Judges is the next book in the Old Testament. The author of Judges is unknown but it has been ascribed to Samuel. This is a book of defeat because it delves into signs that unfaithfulness is creeping into the chosen people. The Israelites begin to worship other gods which ultimately shows they are not keeping the
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OldTestamentBooks - 1 BIBL104 Summary of the books of the...

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