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BIBL104 Summary of the books of the Bible Part II (New Testament Books) 1. The Gospel of Matthew – The Gospel of Matthew is traditionally said to be written by Matthew the Evangelist (also known as Levi, a tax collector). Matthew tells us of the birth of Jesus, the discourses of John the Baptist, the actions of Christ in Galilee (including the Sermon on the Mount) and the death and resurrection of Christ. A key theme of Matthew is that Jesus is the fulfillment of Jewish scripture and he is the Messiah. It has been noted that Matthew wrote this Gospel to the Jews to confirm to them that Christ is God. 2. The Gospel of Mark – The Gospel of Mark is the next book in the New Testament. It was written by Mark, cousin of Barnabas and companion of Peter the apostle. Mark deals more with the miracles Christ performed than the other gospels. It starts with John the Baptist and Jesus’ baptism and completes with the empty tomb. It focuses a lot on the last week of Christ’s life in Jerusalem. The recipients of this Gospel that Mark aimed for was the suffering church. It was written around 60 or 70 and is the earliest of the canonical gospels. 3. The Gospel of Luke – The Gospel of Luke is the third book. It was written by Luke, a physician and follower of Paul. It is the longest of the four Gospels and is the first half of a “two volume book” (Acts being the other). Again, Luke follows Christ’s life from the time of his birth to his death, resurrection and ascension. It has been noted that this Gospel was aimed to towards the lost people; the Gentiles struggling with their identity. Also, Luke dedicates more attention to females than the other gospels. 4. The Gospel of John – The final Gospel is that of John. It was written by John, the brother of James, identified as the disciple who Jesus loved. He confirms in his book that Jesus is the son of God, the savior, and he came to bring eternal life to all. This book clearly shows the deity of Jesus. Also, it is the book that most shows the role of the Holy Ghost as comforter and convector of sins. The message of this Gospel can be summed up in the verse John 3:16. It was directed toward the believers and unbelievers of Ephesus. 5. Acts – The next book in the New Testament is Acts. This is the conclusion to the Gospel of Luke and was also written by Luke. It tells of how the Holy Spirit empowered the apostles to take Christ’s message forward to the ends of the earth. It begins with Jesus’ resurrection, his ascension, the Day of Pentecost, and the beginning of the apostle’s ministry. A major focus was on Paul and his conversion, ministry and ultimately his arrest. 6.
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NewTestamentBooks - BIBL104 Summary of the books of the...

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