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Emerson - insight to define perspective/understanding •...

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14/02/2008 17:13:00 Emerson     - rings and circles…symbolism in Emerson’s writing.  Seasons, cycles  of life. Romanticism (1800-1840)- mainly in Europe. New movement with Irving and  Bryant and Poe. Transcendentalism(1840-1860)- purely American, no taint of European.  Drastically trying to separate themselves from Europe all these trans. Writers. Birth,  death, and rebirth. That’s what seasons do. The transparent eye…most famous ring of  Emerson symbol.  Transparent eye- becoming one with nature…assimilating with nature. Man is  part of nature. Insight (transparent eyeball)- ability to see through things, see inside of it.  Refuting scientists who use experiments to look into certain materials. Using 
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Unformatted text preview: insight to define perspective/understanding. • Sight (eyeball)- the opposite of insight/ transparent eyeball ← ← The scientist doesn’t want to know the meaning of the sun but rather just the composition. Objectivity. Insight into meaning of nature. ← ← Thoreau - wants to dominates universe. Invented an entire cosmos of thinking. ← • Same gov’t who enslaves and permits slavery isn’t capable of governing a free man like him. • Mexican-American War, he is pissed about it. Sees American taking over Mexico as nothing different than what the British did with enslaving America. ← 14/02/2008 17:13:00 ← 14/02/2008 17:13:00 ←...
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Emerson - insight to define perspective/understanding •...

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