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English 103 Journal 3 - adapt to and when the establishment...

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Orbiting” is a story that encompasses many different cultural phenomenons. It also relates specifically to Mukherjee’s "American Dreamer" with some of the same descriptions and criticisms. The melting pot and multi-cultural mosaic are both rejected again in Mukherjee’s “Orbiting.” It disappoints and upsets me the way that he bashes the way that Americans live with many different cultures as an everyday part of American life. My opinion of Mukherjee’s story is that he is a disturbed individual that cannot actually be a functioning part of society. In America or any other country for that matter. When he refers to the "enforced assimilation" that immigrants should
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Unformatted text preview: adapt to and when the establishment of one culture reigns this is just wrong. America is a multi-cultural mosaic because of all the different cultures in this great nation and goes on to say such things in “Orbiting.” If I meet this person I will show him the REAL American dream and show him how the melting pot is one of the greatest phenomenons the world has ever seen. “Orbiting” is just an extension of this aberration of a story being the “American Dream.” What I don’t understand is how he dismisses the views of most seeing the cultural ideas of America as a good thing. The mixture that is our country has brought us to the top of our game in every category....
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