Midterm Study Guide

Midterm Study Guide - Key Words and Concepts for ENVS 24...

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Knowing these terms will help you to study for the exam: Hypothesis Null Hypothesis Ecology Stochastic Deterministic Evolution Photosynthesis Individuals Population Species Cline Ecotype Adaptation Niche N-dimensional Hypervolumne Guild Parasitoids Biome Community Ecosystem Biosphere Natural Selection Selection Pressure Speciation Gene Pool Allopatric Speciation Sympatric Speciation Polyploidy Polymorphism Punctuated Equilibrium Fitness Sexual Dimorphism Sexual Selection (intrasecular/intersexual) Virus Intraspecific Variation Directional Selection Stabilizing Selection Disruptive Selection Distribution/Bimodal Distribution Character Displacement Physical/Abiotic Enviornment Q10 Rule Energy/Solar Radiation Annual Variation in Solar Radiation Circadian Rhythm Long Day Organism Short Day Organism Diapause Atmospheric (air) Pressure Adiabatic Lapse Rate (aka Lapse Rate) Adiabatic Cooling Latent Heat of Vaporization Saturation Vapor Pressure Absolute Humidity Relative Humidity Dew Point Temperature Microclimate Specific Heat of Water Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) Chlorophyll Charotenoids Weather Climate Primary Productivity Plant Morphology Global Warming Water -Hydrogen Bonds -Specific Heat -Viscosity -Latent Heat Surface Tension Thermocline Isocline Reynolds Number Fusiform Solvents Solutes pH Saltwater/Freshwater Interface Osmotic Balance Evaporation Transpiration Conduction Convection Radiation Plant Adaptations Xeric Mesic Net Photosynthesis Gross Photosynthesis Respiration Leaf Shape and Orientation
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This note was uploaded on 04/27/2008 for the course ENVS 24 taught by Professor Washburn during the Winter '07 term at UCSC.

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Midterm Study Guide - Key Words and Concepts for ENVS 24...

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