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Sample Quiz - XXXX XXXX(3 points OLDEST YOUNGEST 3 What...

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Name _____________________________ Student # _____________________ EARTH 7 – HISTORY OF LIFE Geological Time Quiz Sample Version 1. List the last/first (youngest/oldest) three periods of the XXXX in order from oldest (at the bottom of your list) to youngest (at the top) (3 points) YOUNGEST _________________________ _________________________ OLDEST _________________________ 2. Put these epochs of the Cenozoic in order from oldest to youngest: XXXX,
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Unformatted text preview: XXXX, XXXX (3 points) OLDEST YOUNGEST 3. What geological eon comes immediately before the XXXX? (1 point) 4. What geological period comes immediately before the XXXX? (1 point) 5. What geological period comes directly after the XXXX? (1 point) 6. What is the radiometric age (in millions of years) for the beginning of the XXXX? (1 point)...
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