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PSY320 Notes - Personality Psychology Thursday January 10...

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Personality Psychology Thursday January 10 Syllabus Introduction- Chapter 1 What is personality? The Study of the psychological forces that make people uniquely themselves Aspects of Personality Psychology 1. Unconscious- 2. Ego Forces- awareness of self 3. Cognitive- ability to think, take in information 4. Biological- physiology of your body 5. Conditioning- things you’ve learned 6. Traits- special skills you might have 7. Spiritual- not necessarily religious- just philosophical, curious 8. Person-situation interaction Scientific method must be used in the study of personality. We are careful not to let the study slip into pseudoscience. Some examples of pseudoscience are; astrology, palm reading and phrenology (reading of bumps on head). In this same vain, we must remember that correlation does not imply causation. For example, There is a correlation between murder rate and ice cream sales (because of the summer heat), this doesn’t mean that ice cream sales increase murders. Where do personality theories come from? 1. Deductive approach 2. Inductive approach- taking a specific thing and trying to generalize it 3. Concepts borrowed from other disciplines Characteristics of a “good” theory 1. Comprehensive Explains various behavior General/broad 2. Parsimonious Explains things concisely
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PSY320 Notes - Personality Psychology Thursday January 10...

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