Replication (1-23-07)

Replication (1-23-07) - BIO 325 Every nucleotide has three...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-23-07 BIO 325 Every nucleotide has three components Specify sugar first when naming a nucleotide (because defining diff. Between RNA and DNA); look at 3' (OH=deoxyribose) 5'--exocyclic; 1'--base attached Watson & Crick o Knew: Chargaff's rule: Chargaff looked at DNA of many diff. species. The quantity/ percentage of Adenine was not consistent between species, but was within. A=Thymine; G=C. This was the only thing that stuck between species. Rosalin Franklin: Franklin took crystals of DNA and shot a beam through that crystal; there was a film behind that crystal (xray defraction); took an image of the molecular structure of DNA; indicated a helix They not only had this picture, but Franklin's implications of what it meant Rules of chemistry; o Found out: Base-pairing rules explains Chargaff's rules Why does A pair with T? due to electronegativity; unequal pull of electrons (High electronegativity) O,N>C,H (low electronegativity)--covalent bonds orientation of strands: 3' and 5' end; antiparallel minor/major grooves; bases are in the middle; Like a "twisted ladder". How does protein bind to a specific sequence in DNA? The shape change effects the grooves in DNA ...
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